A three-generations household?

We read more and more about children moving in with their parents.  And parents moving in with their children.  Maybe it is time to give thought to a new, three-generation form of the family -- not under one roof necessarily, but perhaps under two, at opposite ends of the garden:
The main houses will be set forward, facing the neighborhood green.  That means the gardens will have to be located behind, in the long back yards that would stretch from the rear of each house, with the grandparents' quarters being located at the far end of the garden, but accessible by a small alleyway that runs across the back of each lot.  The advantage of this arrangement is that it would define a space -- bounded by the larger house in front and the smaller one behind -- of relative peace and quiet: a place not open to the street, where a person could sit and meditate, or think, or sing the baby to sleep, and not be bothered  

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